Are your people feeling out of the loop and overwhelmed?

Aimcast is your AI solution proven to cut through the clutter.

Get your people what they need to know, when they need to know it, so they "get" it.

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Elevate your workforce, engagement, innovation & productivity.

Corporate newsletters sit unopened, messages go unread and intranets are ghost towns.

Our AI solution transforms your message, bringing the right information to the right people in the right context at the right time.

Building a community that gets smarter over time.

  • Reimagine the way you reach employees

    A dynamic and targeted publishing platform with an intuitive interface.

  • Amplify Leadership and Connect your people

    Share successes, foster a culture of connectedness, and close the gap between your leaders and employees.

  • Enable your employees to elevate your organization

    Easily transfer knowledge and remove information bottlenecks to increase alignment, collaboration, and productivity at every level.

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Aimcast Works

Publish, stream and share everything from CEO updates, to training resources and evolve your corporate communication program and engage your employees to create a connected, knowledgeable, and productive distributed workforce.

3 Steps For A Smarter Workforce
Make your work style match your lifestyle

Aimcast presents content through a visual, intuitive interface that is already familiar to your employees, like Instagram, Tik Tok or Netflix.

Personalize employee feeds with aI to increase viewership

Aimcast gives every employee their own personalized news feed that cuts through the clutter by only sharing relevant content.
Send the right content to the right employees at the right time, improving absorption through our patented AI.

Create, publish, measure, adapt.

Aimcast helps you quickly create content that resonates, analyse its effectiveness, and hone your content for better engagement.

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From sales teams to HR, internal communication to supply chain.
Hybrid, work from home, in-office, on the road.
Engage desk-based and non-desk employees.
Asynchronous content to synchronize your company.

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