Meet aimcast

Our mission:

To deepen the relationship between employers and employees, by offering a next generation platform built for the new world of hybrid work.

Meet the team

Why we founded aimcast

The workplace is changing. Most employees now work remote at least one day per week, organizations now deploy a large number of contractors, and hybrid workforces have become the norm.

Yet even though the way we work has changed, the way we communicate and distribute knowledge has not. Most organizations still use outdated tools and processes built for yesterday’s workplace.

The result? Leaders are struggling to connect with their teams, employees are struggling to find the information they need when they need it, and organizations are struggling to fix their plummeting engagement levels.

We founded Aimcast to solve these problems. We wanted to build a modern platform that helped leaders be heard above the digital noise, helped employees attain a better work/life balance, and helped organizations build an engaged, productive, and satisfied hybrid workforce – in a fun, social -focused way.

who we are

We are a diverse team of leaders and advisors who have already changed the worlds of technology, entertainment, military intelligence, healthcare, sports, communications and more — and who have come together to transform how hybrid workforces connect.

Meet our leaders

Steve Rimland
Industry Pioneer
Founder / Chief Executive Officer
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Matan Arazi
Affable Technology Visionary
Co-Founder / Chief Technology Officer
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Richard Zemsky
Complexity Simplifier
Chief Operating Officer / Chief Product Officer
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Felicia Pintilei
Design Trailblazer
Head of User Experience
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Mark Joncich
Relationship Builder
Head of Sales
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Aleksey Kozakov
Experience Integrator
Head of Technical Services
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our advisors

Dr. Tanya Berger-Wolf
AI/ML Visionary
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David Falk
Founder of F.A.M.E.
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Bob Pearson
CEO of the Bliss Group
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Michel Paul
Former President of Johnson & Johnson’s Global Strategic Customer Solutions
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Dr. Jeff Weisz
Former Medical Director of Kaiser Permanente, California and Oregon
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Ofir Zohar
Deep Tech Innovator & Founder
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Lou Diamond
Founder & CEO at Thrive
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What we do

  • Give you a unified corporate comms platform built for hybrid workplaces.
  • Turn you into a modern content publisher your people will love.
  • Create happier, healthier, better aligned workplaces — top to bottom.