Internal Comms

Letting employees embrace business strategy in a personal, authentic manner

Adapt your internal comms to the new, digital, distributed workforce. Aimcast gives you a platform to send targeted, relevant messages to your people — and cut through the clutter.

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Always Reach the Right People with the Right Message at the Right Time
Send Relevant, Personal Messages and Ensure They’re Actually Read
Build a Single, Central, Intuitive Resource Hub for All of Your Content

Your Challenge: Reaching the New Digital Workforce

Communicating with your workforce is harder than ever. Your workforce is now digital and distributed, their inboxes are flooded with irrelevant messages, and nobody visits your intranet, attends your townhalls, or absorbs your mission-critical messages.

The result: You are working overtime to send a stream of internal comms that never get opened, and no matter what you do your workforce remains out-of-step with your organization’s initiatives.

Your Solution: Aimcast for Internal communications

Aimcast gives you a single, central hub to run all of your internal communications programs. With Aimcast, you will send your workforce content in a wide range of high-impact formats, and ensure the right people read the right messages at the right time.

  • Be Personal and Proactive
    Inject human elements into your internal comms program, and proactively push your content to your users (instead of waiting for them to check you intranet).
  • Ensure Your Messages are Read
    Break your content into bite-sized pieces, and leverage AI and our predictability recommendation engine to get more of your comms read by more of your people
  • Get One Home for All of Your Comms
    Build a curated, easy-to-access archive where your content is organized by topic, and you can find what you need without hunting through email or chat threads
  • Save Time (for You and Your Users)
    Stop wasting time producing comms that aren’t viewed or read, and target each of your messages to the right users so they only receive relevant content.
“The water cooler where we had conversations is gone. We’re not all servants to email and text. Now people are reconstructing networks and are getting a chance to re-establish themselves… What I like about the Aimcast environment is that it supports real-time communication. I can see people’s comments, updates, and conversations.”

Bring Aimcast to your enterprise

Reconnect with your distributed employees. Create an open forum to spread knowledge and discuss its potential. Drive innovation by surfacing ideas and iterating together. Share learnings in real-time to better execute and plan your strategy. All from one platform. Get started with Aimcast today.

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