Hybrid work

Connecting a displaced workforce to enhance productivity

Adapt to your distributed workforce. Aimcast gives you one platform to stay in touch with your remote and in-office workers through flexible, personal communications built for today’s async realities.

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Always Reach Your People — No Matter Where or When They Work
Keep Your Messages Personal and with a Human Voice, at Scale
Help Your People Maintain a Healthy Working Life and Avoid Burnout

Your Challenge: Reaching the New Hybrid Workforce

Your workforce has transformed, and your comms program must adapt. Traditional corporate comms were built for a workforce where everyone stayed in the office most, or all of the time. Yet today, you now have a mix of remote and in-office workers.

The result: It’s become harder than ever to reach all of your employees in a timely manner, and to ensure everyone receives and absorbs mission-critical corporate comms and updates — leading to a less engaged and informed hybrid workforce.

Your Solution: Aimcast for Hybrid Work

Aimcast is a unified corporate comms platform that works anywhere, from any device. With Aimcast, you will break your traditional corporate comms into a stream of personal, modern messages that reach your people when and where they work.

  • Reach Everyone from One Platform
    Connect remote and in-office workers under one comms program and tool — regardless of the time zone, schedule, or physical location they work from.
  • Adapt Delivery to Different Schedules
    Automatically adjust content delivery schedules to different time zones and other async work realities, and build content that can be streamed at all times.
  • Make Hybrid Work Feel Human
    Go beyond dense, text-heavy messages and send selfie videos, audio chats, and a wealth of visual, personal content that your people can like and respond to
  • Create a Healthier Workforce
    Reduce the number of live calls and meetings your people have to take, and let them catch up on corporate updates through mobile-ready content streams.
“The water cooler where we had conversations is gone. We’re not all servants to email and text. Now people are reconstructing networks and are getting a chance to re-establish themselves… What I like about the Aimcast environment is that it supports real-time communication. I can see people’s comments, updates, and conversations.”

Bring Aimcast to your enterprise

Reconnect with your distributed employees. Create an open forum to spread knowledge and discuss its potential. Drive innovation by surfacing ideas and iterating together. Share learnings in real-time to better execute and plan your strategy. All from one platform. Get started with Aimcast today.

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