Directing business priorities to achieve organizational success

Improve culture and get closer to your teams. With Aimcast, you will achieve meaningful communication and contact with your people, keeping them aligned to your strategy and driving towards your goals.

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Adopt a More Personal Leadership Style Driven by Authenticity and Transparency
Keep Your Employees Aligned to Your Vision, Strategy, and Goals
Get Closer to Your Employees and Drive Their Performance

Your Challenge: Leading a Distributed Workforce

Leading people is harder than ever. Organizations now deploy distributed workforces where employees are challenging to reach, critical messages get lost in the daily flood of content, and teams feel disconnected from the missions they are working to achieve.

The result: Leaders are struggling to keep their people connected, motivated, and aligned to their organization’s greater goals — leading to lower engagement, satisfaction, and performance.

Your Solution: Aimcast for Leadership

Aimcast gives you a single tool to connect with your teams and employees. With Aimcast, you will maintain constant contact with the people you lead, send them highly personal and motivating messages, and ensure everyone consumes the content you send.

  • Make Everyone Feel Part of the Team
    Send relevant, personalized messages to each of your employees, ensure your content is actually consumed, and align everyone in the organization to its goals.
  • Build One Home for Every Company Resource
    Create a single knowledge center that houses everything from professional development resources to links to benefits, rewards, policies, and more.
  • Streamline Onboarding
    Build and share onboarding content — from welcome videos, to training resources, to FAQs — that’s available to every new hire on-demand.
“The user-friendliness and flexibility of the platform helps people to consume content in a way that works for them. Employees can engage and connect in a way that they couldn’t before, and now they can better connect to our purpose and goals.”

Bring Aimcast to your enterprise

Reconnect with your distributed employees. Create an open forum to spread knowledge and discuss its potential. Drive innovation by surfacing ideas and iterating together. Share learnings in real-time to better execute and plan your strategy. All from one platform. Get started with Aimcast today.

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