Sales Enablement


of sales executives think content is hard to find


of sales training is forgotten in the first three months


of sales reps don’t think they have the right information

With Aimcast, this all changes.

Connect. Motivate. Unlock performance. All in one place.

Make sure you Reps can’t miss business critical content and information. Improve Sales training, team engagement and knowledge sharing in one easily accessible hub. With Aimcast, sales reps can access all your content and materials, learn from their team members, and connect with management - all on the go.

Boost Sales Team Engagement by 300%

Inform & Update

Product Updates Searchable and categorized At your Reps’ fingertips

Connect & Motivate

Managers can send selfie videos to their teams Foster team discussions.

Train & Develop

Videos, talking points, manuals Share strategies for success

Aimcast in Action

Personalized Feeds

Machine learning curates and serves up relevant knowledge to each user whenever and wherever they are.

No More Hunting for Information

Everything is centralized, form sales bulletins to corporate announcements.

New Content Notifications

Even with their busy schedules, Reps can't miss your updates.

New Content Notifications

Even with their busy schedules, Reps can't miss your updates.

Reach Reps in New Ways

Empower regional and district managers to engage their teams with selfie videos, uploaded right in the app

Podcasts & More

Feels like the most popular social and streaming apps we use everyday.

Stream Over Car Auidio

Stream in the car while traveling between appointments.

Less Searching, More Selling

Create categories for any topic.

Hub for Resources & Tools

Quick links to essential apps and portals.

Delivering the right content to the right people at the right time

On-Demand Content

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Images
  • PDF`s
  • Surveys & Quizzes
  • Launch Websites & Appps

Live Content

  • Calls & Webinars
  • Video Streams
  • Audio Chat Rooms
  • Comments & Discussions

Available On Any Device

  • Android and iOS
  • Tablets
  • Computers

Analytics to Assess Performance

  • Which topics are most popular
  • Measure what resonates
  • Learn how to improve content
  • Interactive dashboard, exportable data, API data feeds

“When we build a bridge between central organization and all the branches (using Aimcast), the opportunity for us to gain insights from those who are closest to customers allows us to build better products”

- Jasper Daniel
Director, Global Commercial Strategy Lead | Janssen

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